Hi-Impact is here for one simple reason, and our name says it all. We’re here to add MASSIVE value to your business by leveraging proven & high-conversion social media marketing strategies. From direct lead generation, to creating branding and storytelling strategies to gain exposure in your target market, the Hi-Impact Team vows to make a tremendous impact on your company’s brand visibility and sales pipeline.


LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the single largest business platform the world has to offer, with over 250+ million active monthly users and 500+ million total. For you, this means that your ideal target client is on there, waiting to be found and closed. We use proprietary tools and proven prospecting systems to turn your LinkedIn profile into Your Warm Lead Delivery Service.

Facebook/Instagram Content Strategy & Management

Our team takes calculated steps to help your company improve its positive brand visibility to your target market and generate new business using Facebook and Instagram. We will bring you social proof endorsements, increase engagement and traffic, then convert this into new business. It’s always fun to dive into your story and leverage it to grow your business.

LinkedIn Warm Lead Generation Course

The Hi-Impact Team has created an online course to give ALL of the insider secret’s we use each and every day to drive new leads for both Hi-Impact itself and for our clients. This program leaves nothing out. You get access to all of Hi-Impact’s proprietary systems, our prospecting messaging templates, our branding strategies, the proprietary tools we use, and much more. By the end of this course, you will be ready to generate highly-qualified leads at will for your business, just like we do daily for our clients. If you want to improve your sales pipeline to get leads at will, invest in the course, it will be worth 20x what you will pay!

Hi-Impact B2B Social Marketing Training

If you have a business development or sales team who is dying to scale their inbound lead count and quality of leads, this training day is for you. Our team of sales & marketing specialists will come into your business and revamp the LinkedIn profile of each & every applicable member of your team. Then, we will implement our EXACT proven outreach systems so that each member of your team will be prospecting to 100 new ideal target demographic leads per day. Imagine the power of that- EACH member of your team outreaching to 100 new prospects per day with custom video and messaging. Then we help incorporate content posting strategies to gain AUTHORITY and MINDSHARE in your market. This is the ultimate 2018 training for any B2B company who wants to add massive value and tangible results to their lead generation & company branding.

Join us! It will only take a minute